H. A. C.

Novel Series: "Preparing Your Zombie"



 "Preparing Your Zombie" Book Trailer


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 A simple man of the future is collectively thrown from his comfortable world into another foreign realm entirely, by a metallic bird of death. With only one word on one sign no matter where he sought in this nothingness,“H.A.C.". Quickly this man learns its a place where every fantasy seems to comes alive. No matter the unmeasurable depth, rejected deviance, horrid monstrosities, gentle whim, caressing impossibilities, and even romantic taboos. However, another discovery conquers all... for he's not alone, societal rules followed relentlessly in snatching his true self back behind closed mental doors. In which his new lover wishes to break him free once again, in any manner she deems necessary....


To be included Fetishes:

vampire, love, ghosts, fantasy, rape, sex, police, lesbian, bisexual, dreams, zombie, anal, bdsm, dragon, bondage, spanking, voyeurism, torture, mature, young, amputee, knight, toys, transgender, knife, undead, necrophilia, femdom, sadism, invisible, female dominance, oral, leather, masochism, uniform, lingerie, heterosexual, cannibalism, doll, shaving, muscle, apotemnophilia, watching, blood play, vampirism, bodybuilder, bestiality, swallowing, sleeping, zoophilia, asexual, deformed, vore, agalmatophila, hybristophilia, teratophilia, somnophilia, acrotomophilia, severed limps, erotophonophilia, long tongue, robot fetishism, technosexuality, spectrophilia, hierophilia, theophilia